Founded in 1989, SECOM is trading in electronic hardware. The company started diversifying its activities from 1997 in order to focus on software development and IT services.

From then on, the desire of the company has always been to anticipate the markets' needs following all technological changes. Its financial independence has allowed SECOM to invest in human capital with as a direct result an efficient and multi-skilled team.

Although the headquartes are based in the south of France, SECOM has several research and development units all over the world, namely in South America and Eastern Europe.

Over time, SECOM structured its activities in 3 dedicated business units, one for each main activity of the company, in the order of their creation: GMixon, Pixeliris and CopSonic.

  • GMixon is SECOM's first business unit operating on the sensorial marketing market. GMixon proposes its audio and video softwares and services for all kind of animation in public or private places.

  • Pixeliris is a SS3i with an integrated studio of production on the digital technologies market, specialised in the development of solutions for technologic Marketing.

  • CopSonic is a contactless technology which enables communication between intelligent electronic devices. Based on acoustic waves, CopSonic uses ultrasounds and sounds as a mean to interact or transmit data between devices.